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ANONYMOUS, Rhio Rhio, King of the Sandwich Islands

En profil portrait of Kamehameha II (1797-1824), the second king of the Kingdom of Hawaii from 1819 to 1824. His birth name was Liholiho and full name was Kalaninui kua Liholiho i ke kapu ʻIolani. Stipple engraving with roulette, on wove paper, sheet size 213 x 141 mm., platemark 187 x 126 mm. Made by […]


ANONYMOUS, Portrait of Anthony Hamilton

Oval portrait of Anthony Hamilton (1646?-1719), writer and soldier. Etching and engraving on laid paper, sheet size 134 x 85 mm., platemark 130 x 81 mm. By an anonymous engraver. The caption 'Antoine Hamilton' is added in manuscript ink. Perhaps this is a proof printing. On the other hand, this might be a copy (in […]


CHAMBERS, THOMAS, William Hogarth

Portrait of William Hogarth (London 1697-1764), a famous English painter, engraver, satirist and social critic. His work includes realistic portraits but also many comic-like series of pictures, and he is perhaps best known for his series A Harlot's Progress and A Rake's Progress. Here he is portrayed in an oval, with his dog in front, […]


ANONYMOUS, Abr. Newland Esq. Hauptcassirer der engl. Bank

Full-length portrait of Abraham Newland (c. 1730-1807), the chief cashier at the Bank of England from 1782 to 1807. The expression ‘an Abraham Newland’ came to mean a bank note, because without his signature, a Bank of England note was not negotiable. He is depicted standing near a table, while holding a letter. Engraving on […]


ANONYMOUS, Captain Elers 12th Regt.

Profile silhouette portrait of British army captain George Elers. Mezzotint on wove paper, sheet size 222 x 140 mm. Anonymous portrait. This print was used as the frontispiece for: Elers, George. Memoirs of George Elers, captain in the 12th Regiment of foot (1777-1842) to which are added correspondence and other papers, with genealogy and notes. […]


ANONYMOUS, David Garrick Esq.

Portrait of British actor David Garrick (1717-1779). When Samuel Johnson opened his school in 1735, Garrick was one of the few pupils. In 1737 the two men travelled to London together. Garrick first appeared on stage in London in 1741 and went on to achieve great success as an actor, playwright and theatre manager, becoming […]


ANONYMOUS, Lord John Russel

Portrait of John Russell, 1st Earl Russell (Mayfair 1792-1878 Richmond Park), known by his courtesy title Lord John Russell before 1861, was a British statesman who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1846 to 1852 and again from 1865 to 1866. Steel engraving on wove paper, sheet size 234 x 151 mm. […]



Octagonal bust-length portrait of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (née Pierrepont; 1689-1762), an English aristocrat, medical pioneer, writer, and poet. Stipple and line engraving on wove paper, sheet size 228 x 166 mm., platemark 186 x 124 mm., engraved by Friedrich Wilhelm Bollinger, and published in Zwickau by Gebr. Schumann, c. 1800. Friedrich Wilhelm Bollinger (1777-1825) […]