MEER, JACOB VAN DER, Aan den edelachtbaren Heer Kantonregter te Zaandam (…)


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1848, Zaandam. In this manuscript Jacob van der Meer (1803-1849) requests legal aid against his brother Willem van der Meer (1809-1852). Willem refused to give his brother Jacob his share of their parents possessions after their death (Frederik van der Meer, died 1828 and Margaretha van Eck, died 21 January 1848). The request is dated 23 February 1848 and on 1 March 1848 Willem was called to court (court date 9 March, City Hall, Zaandam), so apparently permission to this trial was granted. Signed by Jacob van der Meer and Jan Brama (court officer, deurwaarder).

Single folded sheet, 34×21 cm. The document is written in a clearly legible cursive handwriting, on three pages. Several foldlines are visible and at some point the document has been nearly torn or cut in half lengthways.

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