Liber computus tempore mea, administrationis, quae incepit, deo sic volente, [4] decembris 1688, festo & Barbarae virginis et martyris sacerdotis proprie virginitas, pastorii competit martyrium.


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Theological manuscript in Dutch with fragments/references in Latin, without place or author, [17th/18th century]. The title translates in Dutch as: ‘Een boek van berekening ten tijde van mijn bediening, die is begonnen naar Gods wil op 4 december 1688 op het feest van de heilige maagd en martelares Barbara’. The following proverb translates as: ‘maagdelijkheid is eigen aan het priesterschap, martelaarschap past het pastoraat.’ It seems to be the notebook of a priest who started his function on 4 December 1688. Possibly in Grave or Zetten.

Full parchment spitsel binding with original handsewn headbands and red sprinkled edges, 248 unnumbered pages, stained parchment, three pages have been cut out, some inkstains, the insides of the cover boards are exposed, enabling us to look inside spine of the book and see the spitsels and parchment strips to reinforce the spine. These parchments strips show some old handwriting. Another scrap parchment strip has been used as bookmark, with gothic script.

The front endpapers show some contemporary notes and financial calculations, the book is of religious nature, with various biblical references and considerations. It has been written from both ends and some pages show Dutch text one way, and Latin text the other way. Dates that are mentioned range from 1689 to 1741.

From the collection of Jelle Kaspersma and Alie Vinke (2010).