Johannes Mattheus Graadt van Roggen, (1867- 1959) Coastal landscape Rochers Rouges Riviera 1928-1929


l dry point etching on paper, in passé-partout. , passé-partout: 349×300 mm print:171×217 mm. Modern018

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1928-1929, Very rare dry needle etching, there are only three prints. Third state. This one is in black ink, but it also exists in red. The etching shows a shore with rocks. In the lower left is the monogram of the artist, it is also signed in pencil. The print is covered in a firm passé-partout. The depicted rockformation is presumed to be in Bretagne (France) but written on back is ‘Riviera’. See also: Mia van Regteren Altena, J.M. Graadt van Roggen als grafisch kunstenaar, 1948.

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